Phoning it In: Facts About the Rise in Mobile Job Searching


We are part of a changed society, one that has developed a love affair with all things tech. From our smartphones to our tablets, we are a mobile generation who use our various gadgets to help live our lives on the move. Recruitment site released an infographic which tells us that a huge number of people search for jobs almost exclusively online. Here, we look at why and how mobile technology is changing recruitment.

New Information
Indeed is a global job searching website which has been a prevalent name in the recruitment world since their online debut over ten years ago. The information in their recent infographic shows a massive change of pace regarding how the site is used, going from the traditional computer-based searches to job-hunting via mobile devices. A jaw-dropping 50% of all Indeed’s worldwide job searches are now done through a mobile device, an increase of over 65% on 2013. This demonstrates a global generation of mobile users taking to their phones and tablets to find themselves the perfect job; with half of users submitting applications via mobile as well. Indeed found that the top areas for traffic using their site were Korea, Japan, Singapore and South Africa, followed by the UK and Australia. Within the UK, Birmingham had the most mobile searches with 54%, with Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and London following.

Why the Change?
Mobile phones and tablets have formed a huge part of our social agenda over the past few years. With social networking taking over as a primary platform for communication, people are more willing to live online, utilising the various tools their tech has to offer in order to add simplicity and speed to their everyday routine.

It also appears as though the convenience of smartphone technology has increased the scope for job searching, giving people the opportunity to look for work from the comfort of their home, on their current commute to work, while they sit on the sofa watching TV or whilst out and about. Now that more people have access to the Internet from their personal devices, there is no need to risk being caught by current employers searching for a new job on company time or computers. Indeed reports its peak time for job searching to be 8pm, which shows that a lot of people finish work, have dinner, then contemplate finding a new job from their home, where they are most comfortable and least rushed.

Will it Work?
The short answer is yes. The world has embraced new technology in a big way.

The recruitment world too, has cottoned on to the power of mobile technology and many online recruitment agencies have dedicated mobile sites to help with those who search on the go, so you can be available whenever you want and wherever you are.

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