Modest Rise In Number of Permanent Job Hires

The UK experienced its first bit of good employment news in a while with the publication of the Report on Jobs. Although the job market overall is still in a slump, there has been a slight rise in the number of permanent job hires and pay for permanent and temporary jobs. This is the highest that permanent job hiring has been in four months. The pay rise is the first since November.

The Report on Jobs was published as a joint effort by the Recruitments and Employment Confederation and the company KMPG. Data was collected from numerous UK recruitment agencies. The Report showed that the most demand for new employees were in the engineering and construction workers. Careers that suffered a decline in hiring were in hospitality and food catering.

This good employment news helped ease fears put out by the recent continued fall in billings that started last month. The continued fall in billings is blamed on the Agency Workers Regulations, which went into effect in October. This ensures that temporary workers are entitled to the same pay, rest breaks and access to permanent jobs as permanent employees.

But the Report on Jobs is the first good news about the UK’s overall job picture in about 27 months. Employers are still willing to hire even in troubled times.