Night Shift Work Increases Health Risks for Employees

Experts are urging the Government to regulate night shift work hours to no more than 8 per day. According to a recent study by the, “social innovation think-tank,” The Young Foundation, night work seems to expose more and more people to greater health risks.

Studies show that night workers are in danger of experiencing pregnancy problems and poor mental health. There is also a connection to a greater cancer risk as well. These repercussions can cause an upset in the worker’s family life and sense of well being.

In addition, when it comes to night work, individuals are almost twice as likely to experience an industrial accident or have a car accident on the way home from work.

Despite these findings, the 24/7 service economy is still going strong. All types of leisure activities, services and shops are open later in the evening, and some well into the night. This growing demand is tempting workers to work during atypical hours. According to the report, approximately 3 million people are currently working at night, this number is increasing every day, and the typical night shift can last from 12 to 13 hours or more.

The Young Foundation is now calling for legislation to address the issue. They want to ensure that night shifts be limited to no more than 8 hours at a time. They also want the Government to set out clear guidelines in regards to overtime. Most night workers are unaware of the danger that their job can pose, and the organisation seeks to increase this awareness.

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