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Top Tips for Creating Zen in Your Office Space


A happy office runs on happy employees and there are a variety of aesthetic aspects than can turn a drab workspace into an inspiring area to create dynamic and energised staff. Here we look at some of the different ways you can transform a normal office into a productive work hub.

Let There Be Light
Having the right lighting in your office makes a huge difference to the mood of your workers. Using windows where possible to expose employees to as much natural light as is available has been proven to help them sleep better and increase energy levels. In personal work cubicles the lights should not be too bright or clinical but instead create a more tranquil ambience in order to reduce headaches and stress.

Flower Power

Having the feel of the outdoors in a workplace can help elevate an employee’s mood; a little bit of foliage goes a long way. Using plants and flowers to give a drab office an uplifting feel will breathe new life into it and give it a splash of colour. Green leafy plants and flowers with bright blooms are thought to boost brain activity and help with creativity.

Art Attack
Speaking of creativity, offices utilising the engaging power of art can help stimulate an employee’s mind. Using impressionist or abstract art with bright colours can boost energy as well as making the workspace modern and aesthetically pleasing. Traditional landscapes or portraits can stimulate a deeper thought and tranquillity that can be particularly useful to creative jobs.

Space Invaders
Having a personal space in which to work or create ideas is imperative to an employee’s productivity. Quiet areas or areas in which to sit and work privately provide variety and stimulation, also open-plan offices can benefit from noise barriers which give the employee an opportunity to have peace and quiet to think and concentrate. Negative emotions often arise when employees are forced to work in cramped conditions in which other workers disturb them unnecessarily.

There are so many aesthetics as well as issues with comfort and tranquillity which can be addressed if you want to create a really zen-like office. Most importantly, aside from the psychology surrounding decorating, ask your employees what they want to see in their office space and what they believe will help them be more productive.

You’ll be chanting “ommm” before you know it.

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