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On Hiring Winners

We came across an interesting article from Inc.com, which looked at how to hire winners every time. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Figures from the United States show that more than two-thirds of all employees are ‘disengaged’ from their jobs. A spokesman from Robert Half International surmises that the main reason for this is that the “employees’ concept of what they should be doing and where they should be in their careers is different from the reality of their jobs”. To avoid this serial disengagement, it may be necessary to alter company policy and practices – but you can find an easier route through hiring naturally engaging candidates –

Prior Engagement – Look at an applicant’s background to see evidence of being engaged with their jobs before. Some people will work hard no matter what their job – this will shine through in their references.

Progressive Hiring – Hiring on the basis of previous experience isn’t always the best practice – employing applicants for whom this job will be a step up can yield great results. Engagement is always at its highest when candidates are learning and moving forward.

Employment Honesty – Finding out what the candidate wants, the employer needs to be honest and decide whether it’s a good fit. An existing top performer won’t stay for long if they’re looking for something else – better to hire somebody inexperienced but engaging, who will grow to become a top performer for the business.

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