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Using the Internet to Save Money in Recruitment: Suggestive Trends for 2014


We reported in 2013 on how online recruitment agencies can save companies money; now Recruitment Buzz has released some wider data supporting this claim at the start of 2014.

The world of recruitment has changed both for employers and candidates. Certain methods of applying for jobs are becoming obsolete making way for the up-to-date world of online recruitment, and newly released data suggests that online is now the only way to go in order to find the perfect job – be this part time, full time or project based.

RecruitmentBuzz reports that in recent times “work has been changing at a much faster rate than at any other time in history” and that “technology has taken away the need to be based in an office to complete work and anyone with a low level of investment can set themselves up as a freelancer”.

This freedom and ability to support oneself via project work independent of a structured, formal, full-time job is having an economic effect and resulting in less contractors being hired by corporates via traditional channels – the Internet is really opening up the freelance market and putting recruitment agencies that rely heavily on the contract market at risk.

The Data
This way of thinking has been sparked by the huge growth of work platforms such as Freelancer.Com, Elance and Odesk. In November, launched an IPO on the Australian stock exchange, rising by 420% in value. Additionally, Elance and Odesk announced that they would be joining forces to improve upon their current services, better and more efficiently matching talent and opportunity online.

Why We Love Online
Being online can save money and time, not just in recruitment or when freelancing a project, but in a number of industries. It opens up the world, offering greater freedom and accessibility to users everywhere. The ability to contact potential employees for example via email and video calling programs such as Skype, gives the benefit of immediacy – no more waiting two weeks for an application or CV to arrive on your desk and, equally for the applicant, less waiting time to hear back from a prospective employer. It is easier now more than ever to communicate with most countries around the world too, enabling you to find potential talent in countries you may not have previously considered.

The Downfalls
Perhaps the one downfall that is be immediately apparent is the lack of face to face contact when applying for jobs online or freelancing from home. Candidates may have all the proper credentials on paper but often a feel for a person’s personality or character can be one of the most important factors when deciding whether or not to hire someone. Additionally, a lack of human interaction in your day to day life when completing a project can be socially unhealthy.

Everyone’s getting online in 2014 – whether it’s via mobile recruitment, freelancing, video conferencing, social media, going global or sourcing talent. It seems as though the whole world can be at your fingertips so use it to your advantage with regards to work. Finding the perfect opportunity can be a quick click away! Check out how we utilise the internet to lower our recruitment costs here.

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