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The Mobile Movement: What Candidates Expect When it Comes to Mobile

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Google wants every website to be optimised for mobile users, so much so it implemented a huge algorithm rewarding mobile-optimised pages on its mobile web in April of this year. But the mobile movement hasn’t escaped the recruitment sector either, and it’s not just Google that online recruitment agencies must keep happy, it’s candidates too.

Interview Practices

The time it takes to interview and secure a new hire has increased to almost a month in duration. The pressures of hiring and huge associated cost of it makes placing a successful hire first time a priority for firms. Screening, interviews and reading resumes all take time, in particular interviews.

To this end, candidates are regularly warned as to the dangers of leaving a less than desirable online footprint as employers do look at social media accounts when deciding who to take forward to the next stage of their recruitment process. From the employer side though, it means screening time can be honed and cut down by looking at a candidate’s social and online footprint – something made vastly easier by mobile – if candidates could only tweet from desktop, do you think there’d be the abundance of information out there that there is now for recruiters to peruse?

Mobile helps recruiters cut time and refine their process.

More Applications

Research shows candidates not only prefer a mobile option when job-hunting, they now expect it. Having a mobile-ready application process means you’re likely to get a higher number of applications, a bigger pool of talent, and an increased chance of making the right hire first time.

Tick, Tock

The time taken to get back to people and make arrangements for interviews and screening can be considerable. With mobile however you can pretty much get hold of any one at any time. One text messaging firm recently linked up with a job board to offer text alerts to candidates – without mobile, this level of immediacy and speeding up of the recruitment process simply wouldn’t be possible.

Stat it Out

The stats on candidate preference when it comes to the use of mobile in recruitment weigh heavily in mobile’s favour, a few of them are below:

– 72% of job seekers want to receive job notifications on a mobile device
– 70% of candidates take action on applications on a mobile device within an hour, on desktop this figure is just 30%
– 62% of passive candidates will look at a company’s mobile site on their phone or tablet
– 84% of candidates believe a company will be more appealing if it has a better mobile website
– 40% of job seekers will abandon job applications if they can’t be completed on a mobile

These stats paint a crystal clear picture of what candidates want – candidates want a mobile recruitment process, and if recruiters want to get ahead, this is a space not being maximised by most that should greatly improve their efficiency.