The Future of Interviews? How Virgin Money’s New Approach Could Change Recruitment


Virgin have become well known in the world of business for their creativity and innovation, and this lust for the new and exciting has led them to create an entirely new kind of interviewing process aimed and drawing out a creative genius from previously untapped sources. Here we take a look at the new process and how other companies and indeed online recruitment agencies can tailor their hiring process to find the best candidate for the job.

Virgin’s Interview Adventure
The new interview concept being introduced by the banking sector of Virgin’s businesses, Virgin Money, is immersive and engaging, calling on the many skills needed by applicants to fill a new role that has not yet been realised and work with their innovation team as a ‘creative genius’. The process involves candidates being asked to enter a series of different rooms, each containing a challenge intended on bringing out their talents regarding aspects of the job such as problem solving, creativity, entrepreneurial knowledge and persuasiveness.

By shaking up the interview process, Virgin Money are casting a wider net with regards to who applies, with successful candidates not necessarily being from a banking background. After the first stage of interviews, candidates are asked to explain why they are suitable for the job via a ‘video selfie’ calling on their knowledge of tech and current trends.

The desire to find a creative entrepreneur has prompted this change of method in the hopes of attracting people who may not have first considered a role in such an industry, but may also have the perfect skills required to perform within it.

What Can Be Learned?
Richard Branson and the Virgin brand have always been seen as fairly innovative and this ‘think outside the box’ attitude fits with their general ethos.

1. Businesses and recruiters can learn from this approach by adding new challenges into the interviewing process specific to the role in question. Tailoring the hiring process to the skills required for the job ensures that the key aspects of performance are validated there and then.

2. Engaging the candidate in practical tasks can also allow them to feel more comfortable and confident in showing off their skills, helping the interviewer see them at their most spontaneous and creative, rather than being confined to demonstrating skills in a standard face-to-face environment or with the written word.

3. Incorporating aspects of this approach into a business gives the candidate a chance to see first-hand exactly what is expected of them and also the conditions in which they are likely to work.

4. For the many practical advantages to adding a twist to the interviewing procedure, it also injects some fun and enjoyment into a somewhat dated formula, which can be beneficial to both recruiters and candidates. Nice one Virgin!

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