Web Wonder: How Online Recruitment Has Eclipsed its High Street Counterpart


The popularity of ecommerce based businesses has risen dramatically since the internet lost the novelty it once had a couple of decades ago. The high street has seen these changes affect many types of businesses from retailers right the way through to recruitment agencies…cue our own happy success story!

Recruiter.org posted a great summary of this story which you can read here. For our own summary with our points of view as a solely online agency, read on below:

The What?
The high street as a whole has seen a massive change over the past few years with many businesses struggling in light of the recent economic downturn. Small independent businesses have had to make way for the appearance of larger chains and it appears that the traditional recruitment agency in particular has seen its presence on the high street decrease.

Data recently released by the Local Data Company has shown that:

– Recruitment agencies have seen some of the highest closure rates out of all high street businesses over the past year
– Third only to video and photography shops, recruitment agency offices based on the high street have seen an 8.2% decrease, this amounts to over 80 office closures

The Why?
Many people cite the magnetic power of internet-based commerce as a huge factor in the changing face of the high street. Today’s consumer has become used to having the world at their fingertips and the ease and speed at which web-based browsing and purchasing can be done is now favourable to the experience of visiting the high street to shop.

In terms of recruitment, online has become the primary platform for communication for recruiters and potential employers the world over, and with some recruitment agencies still looking to recover from the economic downturn, many have since opted for a web-based platform due to its massive popularity with consumers.

Finally, online recruitment creates a unique opportunity for up-to-date and real time contact with candidates and employers; add to this the ability to project a candidate’s profile further than ever before and you’ve got a pretty convincing argument for making the move to cyber space…

The Future?
High street based recruitment agencies may have to think of ways to adapt to the changing needs of their customers or risk losing them. Online recruitment agencies and websites have become the first port of call for those looking for work, with thousands of candidates searching online for jobs rather than on the high street. As Randstad Business Support managing director Ruth Jacobs said when discussing recruitment in 2014:

“You have to reinvent yourself sooner rather than later, otherwise it can be too late”

Opting for a web-based recruitment agency is favourable for both the agency itself and its clients; the former benefits from a decrease of costs and overheads and the latter benefits from a more dedicated and stronger relationship with the agency.

The days of mailing simple paper CVs have long passed and it’s time to embrace the digital age. RecruitmentRevolution.com did so nine years ago, and we’ve never looked back.

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