Big Business Needs Big Recruitment Methods: TNT Use Online Recruitment for 250 New Jobs


As the original pioneer of the online recruitment agency, we are big advocates of utilising online trends in order to attract relevant, high quality candidates. We have encouraged small businesses to use such methods as they are often inexpensive and highly effective, however it is not just the little guys that take notice of online trends. Logistics company TNT aims to hire 250 new employees using online recruitment methods – here we look at a few and why they are so effective at searching out the best of the best.

Social Media Recruitment
TNT are awell-established company who were in business long before social media became the power that it is today, but even they are taking notice and using it as an online recruitment method in their latest drive. Keeping up-to-date information on all social channels is a great and free way to ensure tech-savvy staff can see what your company is about, and whether it’s a potential fit. The reach capabilities on social media too, can be staggering if you have a large following.

Internal Recruitment
For both small companies and larger companies like TNT, internal recruitment can be a favourable option, particularly if you want to fill vacancies quickly. Hiring people who already work for the business in some capacity ensures staff that understand the aims and drives of the company, as well as being a fit personality-wise with existing employees. Internal hiring can also save money in advertising fees and cut waiting times considerably as managers can make use of existing lines of communication.

Job Boards
Job boards are excellent for canvassing large demographics and having a job advertisement seen by a massive variety of candidates. Having said that, it is important to specify the job board to the position being advertised so as not to attract too many people who may not be right for the role. It is one thing having 100 applications, but it is another thing entirely when only a handful of them have the desired skills or outlook to perform the job well.

Using an online recruitment agency to help ensure jobs are being posted on relevant boards is important, not least because online recruiters are well-versed in the web techniques needed to find top staff, but they are also a lot cheaper than some other alternatives, allowing the savings to be passed back to the client. TNT are looking to use this option, and take advantage of online job boards.

For large companies like TNT, career fairs and social events are a great opportunity to meet and greet potential employees, as well as students who may be looking for options after leaving university. These events can be advertised for free on online social media channels too, maximising reach.

Although many candidates use social media rather than websites to search out companies, having a sleek and up-to-date website communicates a great deal about a business and brand. With your online shop window a work of art, candidates can have the chance to view the company from a client’s point of view and better prepare themselves for any upcoming interviews and meetings.

TNT are a massive company, and are demonstrating their desire to find top talent through a range of modern online techniques. This will hopefully inspire a new generation of workers to embrace big companies who are making the effort to reach them through mediums they use regularly and understand well… and may also pave the way for other big companies to turn solely online to meet their hiring needs.

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