Millenials vs. An Older Generation: Understanding Today’s Job Market

Hands Enclosing a Family

Technology has made the generational divide within work a big one. For those currently entering into the world of full time work, many of the jobs they are applying for simply didn’t exist when they were at school. Similarly, those in education now are likely training for positions that don’t currently exist too. So understanding the job market – and online recruitment as a result – makes for some interesting investigation!

A Generational Divide

Evidence shows parents often have no idea what their children do! From the classroom to the office, when questioned parents often struggle to understand the job role of their kids. In our online recruitment agency, we have to make constant changes in our methods to keep them in line with technology and how technologically advanced young adults are. So it was hello to social media and goodbye to bricks and mortar recruitment offices for us some time ago… and that was just the start.

Tech, Tech and More Tech

Tech, followed by IT is where the generational workplace divide takes place at work. Seven percent of all jobs advertised are now in tech, and most millenials work in this and the IT sectors whereas it’s a different story entirely for parents; retail, education and healthcare are where they most commonly fit professionally.

STEM Training in Education

The term “STEM industries” stands for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines. The term has been coined more so recently as these subjects form a larger proportion of the modern workplace. Last year, specialist STEM subjects were even added to the curriculum, and it’s these also that 22% of parents admit they are in some part baffled by.

Sickness According to Sector

With millenials at working age and with a different set of priorities to their working parents, it’s interesting to see what industries take the most and least sick days. We’ve got a roundup of the findings below:

Highest Proportion of Sick Days: The Leisure/Culture and Sport, Agriculture, Research, Telecoms and Marketing professions take the most sick days.

Lowest Proportion of Sick Days: The Transport/Distribution, Legal, Voluntary, Property and Industry sectors take the least sick days.

It seems millennials fall squarely in the middle in this regard as STEM industries don’t appear on either side!

However sickness can be a real issue in business. It can put unfair pressure on other workers and have real financial implications too – with regard to recruitment, reference requests often ask about sick days – so take this into consideration when making your next hire…and on the off chance you’re considering “pulling a sicky”!

The generational divide is fascinating to observe, and with things only moving faster – we look forward to seeing what happens next.