What Recruitment Can Learn from Steve Jobs


In the week that marked what would have been Steve Jobs’ birthday the Internet was awash with tributes and well wishes. His character as well as his speeches and lessons can be applied to almost any enterprise, and at RecruitmentRevolution.com we’ve come up with our own top three Steve Jobs’ lessons that can be applied to the online recruitment industry and our candidates.

1. Always Communicate
Steve Jobs became a legendary businessman based on the choices he made as a boss but also because of his powers of communication; he had the ability to converse with staff from every level of his company, allowing them to feel connected to the company’s projects and pull together to achieve a shared vision.

“Jobs communicated weekly with his team to discuss every product Apple made once a week for over 12 years, investing over 2,400 hours solely in building a relationship with the team around him”.

The importance of communication for recruiters and candidates alike is immeasurable. For those looking for work, receiving information from recruiters at every stage of the application process is key. Many complain of a lack of response from companies they have applied to which can be disheartening for people working hard to find new employment.

Equally, recruiters will be looking for candidates who can communicate their skills and credentials both on paper and in face to face interviews.

2. Make Things Happen
Another key factor in Jobs’ success was his attention to the smaller details involved in making his dreams come to life. Many people who worked for him stated he was not always the dream boss… often meddling in minute details of the development process. He was called “obsessive, paranoid and tyrannical” however, Jobs believed that through this approach he could uphold his visions and bring truth to his philosophy that anything is possible with persistence and enthusiasm.

This scrutiny of every detail going on with his projects allowed Jobs to take control of his ideas. There are new ways of promoting yourself in recruitment, particularly online, enabling more open social and professional communication. Taking control of your online profiles, being present on them and making sure they’re up to date, suitable for potential employers and correctly filled in is a good way to apply this lesson.

From the recruiter’s standpoint, Jobs’ philosophy is something that can be adopted also – attention to detail is a key business skill recruiters can use – making sure they do the utmost for clients and candidates alike.

3. Be Persistent, Never Give Up
Although Jobs’ seemed to be an all-powerful entity within the commerce world, he was still expected to answer to Apple’s board of directors who did not always see his visions as clearly as he did. He was forced out of Apple in 1985 and started up a new company named NeXTStep which eventually led to the creation of Pixar whose technology has revolutionised animation. He sold NeXTStep to Apple in 1996 and was nurtured as the pioneer he had become.

His perseverance and belief in himself is easy to apply to recruitment. Looking for work is a minefield; full of questions, interviews, rejections and setbacks. Having a thick skin is important, but so is having the self-confidence to keep trying until you get the job you deserve and desire.

Recruiters too, should apply this lesson and have the belief in their abilities and knowledge of the industry, unafraid to try new things.

Steve Jobs became a pioneer of the world of electronics and a billionaire philanthropist but he started as a man with an idea in his head. We can emulate his characteristics in our own lives and those involved in the world of recruitment – from the agencies to the candidates – can learn from his powerful desire and business acumen.

*Image taken from http://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/apple/apple-icons-steve-jobs-apple-3493961/

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