Cheque Please: The Price of Attending an Interview

Pound Signs

Totaljobs are speaheading a brilliant campaign called #MillionPoundJamie whereby they make a jobseeker Jamie Mudle the star of a £1,000,000 advertising campaign to get him noticed – and get him a job.

The #MillionPoundJamie initiative comes as new figures showcasing just how much candidates spend on interviews are released along with how little they prepare in other areas.

Show Me The Money

Our annual interview spend as a country is a staggering £1.44bn. This equates to a colossal £852 spend per job seeker, per year. This covers clothing, training, transport, haircuts/manicures and other treatments.

If we break this down further, each interview costs candidates on average £146. This includes £33 on new clothes, £20 on new shoes and £24 on transport to and from the interview.

What Could Candidates Be Missing?

An area where candidates may be missing out is in research and interview preparation. For example 27% of candidates don’t research the role when preparing for an interview and 60% don’t update their CV for each role they are applying for. Making your application bespoke for each position is so important. Lastly, 37% of candidates don’t research the industry they are looking to enter in to as part of their preparation.

Health Check

Furthermore, a significant percentage of candidates are reported not to get a good night’s sleep before an interview or eat well either.

Older Generation

On the contrary the older generation’s preparation is said to be much different. But like candidates who fear the job seeking process, this sector worry that their age gets in the way of their career prospects.

When it comes to preparation, this group spend more than 4 times the younger generation getting ready for an interview.

What We Think

We can’t wait to see the results of the #MillionPoundJamie campaign and when it comes to interview preparation, cannot recommend researching the organisation and making your CV bespoke during your application enough!