Working Whilst on the Move: Productivity Hacks for the Modern Worker

Circular Image of Train Station

A piece in Recruitment-International recently discussed working whilst on the move. There are both merits and setbacks to this. Firstly, as a nation we’re suffering with stress because of being a 24 hour, always-on society. However in contrast to this, a number of us do seem to thrive off a degree of stress and part of the reason we’re even able to be this way is new accessibility to the Internet and other working tools which we use for personal means – as well as work.
Read on for productivity hacks you can implement whilst working on the move, what to watch out for when it comes to remote working and what we think of being part of an always-on society.

Make the Most of Travel Time

Underground stations and indeed overground stations around the country now offer wifi at their locations. In addition, tech such as the “Mi fi” – a USB you can plug in to your computer to activate your Internet subscription remotely – has made it possible for us to plug in to cyberspace whilst on the move. You can also easily turn your phone into a “personal hotspot” now, using your contract to grab Internet whilst moving about during your day. All three ways are effective in getting you online whilst traveling.

See Who’s Listening

However it’s so easy to become absorbed in a conversation with a colleague whilst on the move that the voice level raises over time – particularly if signal is bad during a conversation – and before you know it you’re THAT person on the train everyone’s telling to be quiet. An awareness of who’s around you whilst working on the move therefore is crucial! And be careful not to divulge sensitive information too whilst talking work outside of the office.

Get Creative With Meeting Locations

If you don’t have a bricks and mortar office in which to meet others there are a myriad of other options around. Big professional workspaces hire out desks, meeting rooms and everything in between for very reasonable prices. WeWork are taking over London but there are an abundance of options up and down the country to meet remotely and professionally with others away from your usual workspace.

The Downside of Travel Tech

It’s only because of tech that our 24-hour modern mindset is even possible. How could you access your files remotely without Dropbox? How could you get Internet without a Personal Hotspot or Mifi? Websites HAVE to be mobile-optimised now so we can even buy, browse and make important decisions whilst on the move. From utility apps allowing us to monitor our homes to web-based email providers and booking systems…tech has played a monumental role in getting us working on the move.

When it comes to our team we’re hesitant about asking them to work on the move as personal time is so important to unwind and stay productive. At the other end of the argument though, is that working on the move can allow more precious time with loved ones at the end of the day – time that truly matters to some.

So, the jury is out – but the choice is yours!