Professionals and Managers Are Happiest in the UK

We came across a study on People Management from the Office of National Statistics about Job satisfaction in the UK. We thought it painted an interesting picture contrasting managers and professionals who seemed to score more highly than sales and plant workers who seem less satisfied with their situation. We have summarised accordingly.
The Office of National Statistics has revealed that people in managerial and professional jobs are the happiest workers in the United Kingdom. Specifically, senior officials along with directors and managers in professional careers rated 7.7 out of 10 in life satisfaction. In contrast to those figures, machinery operatives and those working in plants scored the lowest on the satisfaction scale.

Conducted over a period of two years, the survey was used as a measure of the country’s well-being. The results shifted a bit when respondents reported on the perceived worth of their jobs.

Those who work in leisure or caring careers, followed by professionals, scored the top average rating at eight out of 10. Service and sales employees, machine and plant operatives, and other basic occupations placed at the bottom of the “worthwhile” category.

The study further stretched to compare life satisfaction between those who are employed and those who are not. It was revealed that 45 percent of the unemployed group scored their life satisfaction below seven out of 10. Only 20 percent of the working group rated below that threshold.

In conclusion, control and responsibility over work and earning a higher income led to higher scores, although salary was not a consideration in the study.

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