Questions That Perhaps You Should Ask…

We came across an interesting article from Recruiter recently, which revisited the questions that you shouldn’t ask, and singled out a few that maybe you should. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

There are many infamous lists of “Questions You Shouldn’t Ask In A Job Interview” permeating the recruitment market, but perhaps there are some that you should. Recruiter revisited this list, and identified three that could potentially be productive.

1.) “What are the public transportation links?”

Apparently asking this shows a lack of self-investigation and employers will look harshly on those unprepared. But in a modern age, it may simply be down to your iPhone battery dying on the journey or road works compromising the regular links.

2.) “Can I work from home?”

Apparently this is a question that should be reserved for when trust has been established between employer and employee. Employers may think that you have productivity issues, or you already have an eye for relaxing whilst on the job.

However, it may simply be the commute. What if your commute adds two hours onto your day and you’re permanently tired, surely you would be of more value revitalised and refreshed working from home?

3.) “Is there a probation/trial period?”

Allegedly asking this question can ring alarm bells for the employer about your behaviour, however Recruiter think that it can indicate farsightedness considering that pay changes during this period. Asking it with a performance-evaluation spin can show integrity of your attitude.

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