Raise employee morale with a spring clean – from RecruitmentRevolution.com

A survey by RecruitmentRevolution.com, the online recruitment specialists, has revealed that office workers are feeling de-motivated by the decor and condition of their work place, but given the chance would be prepared to spruce up their office for free.

· 67% describe their office decor as drab, rundown or old fashioned

· Women more likely to litter their desks with dirty plates, fruit peel & sweet wrappers

· The media are the least happy with their office environment

· 81% would be prepared to renovate or clean their office given the chance

The questionnaire was posed to over 3000 employees in the UK with the majority, 67%, claiming that their current work conditions were dull, boring or outdated and in poor condition. 1 in 2 went on to say that they need an attractive office space to feel motivated and that as a result of their poor surroundings their work is suffering. And when looking for a new job 76% say that a poorly decorated or grotty office would put them off accepting a position.

In fact, staff feel so strongly about their current office decor that 81% would be prepared to clean or renovate it themselves; amazingly of these 81%, 59% would be prepared to do so for free. A savvy 22% would ask for overtime! Only 19% said that they would not be prepared to help out with an office make-over.

Anna Taylor, co-founder of RecruitmentRevolution.com warns employers, “It’s been a tough year for employees with few receiving pay rises or bonuses and it seems to be adding insult to injury expecting people to work in shabby offices. What’s encouraging about our research is that staff are prepared to make the effort to spruce up their work place, so why not lead by example, roll up your sleeves and get cleaning to motivate your staff!”

The Results:

When asked about specific areas that are unpleasant, the kitchen was named the worst, followed by the common room and then the stationery cupboard. 11% say that their boss’s desk is the most unsightly part of the office.

Which of these areas do you consider to be the MOST unsightly?

The kitchen: 30%
Common room: 17%
Stationary cupboard: 14%
My desk: 12%
The photocopier: 11%
My boss’s desk: 11%
The water cooler : 5%

12% admit that their own desk is the messiest area which is perhaps not surprising considering that 49% of people eat at their desk every day. 100% of respondents said that they had food debris around their desk at the time of questioning. It was Female workers who claimed to have the dirtiest desks; compared to their male colleagues’, women’s desks are more likely to be littered with dirty plates, sweet and chocolate wrappers, crumbs and fruit peel.

What items can you see around your desk?

Dirty plates
Women: 15%
Men: 10%

Sweet & chocolate wrappers
Women: 22%
Men: 17%

Women: 43%
Men: 39%

Fruit peel
Women: 12%
Men: 6%

Drink cans
Men: 47%
Women: 37%

Spilt food
Men: 5%
Women: 4%

Anna Taylor co-founder of RecruitmentRevolution.com comments, “Eating lunch at our desks has become a habit in the UK, particularly in cold weather when staff don’t want to go outside. But as our results show, we tend not to clear up our desks after a meal leaving the office unsightly
with crumbs, peel and spilt food hanging around creating a breeding ground for germs – yuck!”

Highly spiced food is the most off-putting when eaten by colleagues at their desks. Fish (such as tuna salad), burger and chips, and noisy crisps are also considered to be ‘anti-social’ foods. In fact 49% of people would like to see desk eating banned so that desks can be kept food and mess free.

Which foods do you find MOST off-putting when eaten by other people in your office?

Highly spiced food (e.g. curry): 31%
Fish (e.g. tuna salad): 23%
Burger & chips: 21%
Fried chicken: 7%
Crisps: 6%
Soup: 3%
Noodles: 3%
Sweets: 3%

Splitting the results by industry sector shows that the workers least happy with their office environment are those in the media, with 91% rating the decor as old fashioned and dull. Bankers and lawyers seem to have the nicest offices with 57% and 77% respectively saying that their current office is modern and attractive.

Do you find your workplace modern and attractive? (Answer YES)

Media: 11%
Healthcare: 11%
Insurance: 17%
Retail: 26%
Computing & IT: 32%
Government: 38%
Accounting: 40%
PR & Marketing: 57%
Banking: 57%
Legal: 77%

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