Enticing Your Desired Candidates


Finding the perfect candidate for any job position can be difficult – particularly if you have to wade through large numbers of unsuitable job applications to do so.

Manny Medina, writer for Ere.net recently conducted some in-depth research into job descriptions and how they grab a budding applicant’s attention. Usually, within a job description you can find the following information:

• Company description – a short sentence or paragraph outlining the name and objective of the company that is recruiting;
• Outline of job role – a general paragraph or bullet point list of the sort of tasks you can expect to be asked to do;
• Experience required – number of years or perhaps the minimum professional qualifications needed to get through to the interview stage.

The Findings
Medina’s research however, found that within these three things, a great number of job descriptions use generic terms and kitsch quotations that on the surface grab the attention of applicants, but do not really offer any substance or information to go on. They focus a lot on required experience too, which he reports as a poor metric for gaging talent.

It may seem a little forward, but discussing things such as salary and specific duties in a simple job description are far more likely to draw people in to viewing a position.

Drawing Candidates In
Finding a new job, although still seriously tough, is slowly getting easier and applicants need to be attracted to the job ad. Elements of an offer that accomplish this include of course salary, but also holiday, details about the day-to-day activities of the role itself, the company or brand and even, in some cases, the opportunity for lifestyle changes. Recruiters may think they have it tough separating the strong candidates from the weak, but if you are not streamlining your job descriptions to capture the attention of the most suitable candidates, you may find them slipping through the net.

The Most Important Element: The Job Description
For all candidates searching for jobs, the first port of call is the description. This is the first impression these applicants get of your company and therefore, as mentioned above, it is imperative to give out as much information as you can in order not only to entice them to apply, but to help them visualise themselves as a member of the team…and like the thought of it!

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