What Does It Take To Get Recruited By Google?


The search engine giant recently won a poll of Fortune 100 companies coming out as the best business to work for with the most favourable working conditions. It’s in hot demand, but just what does it take to prevail through the recruitment process and get a coveted job with the online mogul?

Of the 1 million applications Google receives every year only a few thousand make the cut…and their online recruitment process is a tough one.

1. The chance of making it through the recruitment process and becoming a Google hire is between 0.1% and 0.4% and as the first step, every single resume of the 1 million total received annually is reviewed. A potential fit is then determined by looking at the resume for technical ability, education and experience
2. Did we mention we think mobile recruitment is important? 😉 The next stage in Google’s recruitment process is via phone – a recruiter calls up the candidate to explain the hiring process in more detail
3. Then comes an onsite interview. These last around 45 minutes in duration and if it’s a technical role you’re being interviewed for – be prepared to not only answer questions but solve technical challenges when you arrive at headquarters too! The interviews are with 4 or 5 others
4. Each interviewer submits their feedback; additionally each candidate’s credentials are also matched to a corresponding Google employee with similar skills who also gives their feedback on the candidate based on what they can see about the candidate’s background and experience
5. Then comes the hiring committee who review the resumes, employee feedback and all other information they have about the candidate
6. The process then goes up a level to senior management who review the candidates and proposed offers for them taking all feedback into account
7. Google has a compensation committee that then determines how much money to offer the candidate in salary
8. Then there’s another review where each offer is reviewed by senior executives’ one more time before going out to the candidate
9. Finally, the offer is made! Google has a reputation for good salaries and of course, wonderful working conditions, offers are sought after worldwide

The focus is on talent rather than specific skills – their interview questions can also be pretty obscure! Such as…

– How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?
– Why are manhole covers round?
– How many times a day does a clocks’ hands overlap?

It’s a long and tough recruitment process, but surely worth it at the end! We’re pleased to say our agency online recruitment process is a lot easier! RecruitmentRevolution.com have a number of digital and media positions available on the website, view our vacancies here.

You can see the complete Google infographic on graphs.net and read the introduction on RecruitmentBuzz.

Jamie Mistlin, RecruitmentRevolution.com – find me on Google+.