Why Online Recruitment Is Turning To Video


More companies than ever are outsourcing their recruitment to external recruitment agencies, a great number of these being online recruitment agencies. Is the next stage on from this online recruitment video interviewing? Let’s take a look and find out…

Video for Personal Use
With video now making its way even more so into every day social media practices its becoming not only more widely used, but also more accessible with most mobile devices now having some sort of video feature as standard. As a result, video for personal use is growing and in addition to the main platforms YouTube and Vimeo, Vine is the newest trend – a platform whereby users take short videos approximately 10 seconds in length and publish them online.

Video for Business Use
In addition to this use of video for personal reasons, as ever there are also numerous uses for it in business. International companies with departments overseas use video conferencing as a cheaper alternative to paying for flights and accommodation, company websites now regularly have an easy-to-watch short video explaining what their business is about and of course, there’s YouTube as a selling and advertising platform too. But what about video interviewing?

Undercover Recruiter has a great infographic on the topic here – read on for our summary.

– Since it first start being used a few years back in 2011 the use of video as a way to conduct candidate interviews has increased by 49%
– 6 in 10 hiring managers now use video as a method of interviewing candidates citing reasons including flexibility, not having to travel and gaining a valuable face-to-face experience online
– In a survey of both recruiters and hiring managers, both felt that online video interviews made their life easier and saved them money
– Both candidates and hiring managers were cited as also agreeing that online video interviewing reduces the time spent to fill positions and is easy to conduct

Whether you’re a candidate or a hiring manager using online video interviews during the recruitment process is a great way to monitor body language – something resumes simply cannot do. Positive body language includes actions such as head nodding, leaning forward, smiling genuinely and maintaining eye-contact – one many find tough to do (with video interviewing this would translate to looking into the camera, not at the monitor). Negative body language would include a lack of eye contact, fidgeting and looking down.

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