How to Make Your Online Job Ad Attract the Perfect Candidate


Finding the perfect candidate starts right at the beginning; with making sure your job advertisement attracts only the best people for the job. The trick is making your advert speak to the right person, which in the digital age of 2014 means putting extra effort into communicating a compelling reason why they should apply.

The Internet is now the most effective way of reaching the greatest number of potential candidates. It makes sense therefore, to ensure the best person for the job sees your ad, to advertise online. Many companies have taken traditional and online job advertising to new levels using more and more unconventional ways of targeting ideal people. Here we will look at a couple of examples and how to implement some of their ideas.

1. Challenging Your Candidate
Most companies use a basic and slightly outdated format when advertising. Stating the facts of the job is, of course, important but in order to grab someone’s attention you could also appeal to their intelligence. Computer powerhouse Microsoft recently advertised for a Software Developer position by challenging the candidate to break a mathematical code to decipher the contact telephone number – you can view the advert here. This is an ingenious and amusing way to not only grab the applicant’s attention but also test their knowledge. In this advert Microsoft managed to communicate their business style while making sure that only those who were good enough to decipher the code were able to apply. You can implement the same methods while recruiting for your business by thinking outside the box with regards to whom you target with your ad. Give the candidate the opportunity to prove themselves before you’ve even read their resume – a great way to do this in the online recruitment industry could be within the field of design; if you’re recruiting for a graphic designer you could ask for their resume in an infographic format, rather than traditional PDF. Content positions could ask for a blog post, social media positions could ask for Twitter recommendations in addition to their resume etc.

2. Communication, Humour and Rapport
A great way to streamline your candidates is to use language that appeals to them directly in order to communicate with them on the same level. For instance, if you want to attract someone with specific experience it can be a good idea to include an anecdote or ‘in-joke’ that will be understood by anyone who has been working in the industry you are recruiting for.

It pays to use a sense of humour. One restaurant recruiting bar staff used a job advert headline written as though someone was drunk, the idea behind it being if applicants could decipher it, they could understand drunken people and apply. Having a sense of humour online, for example by using an outrageous headline for your job advert, can make your firm more desirable plus build an instant rapport with like-minded candidates. You can view the bar advert here.

The language you use in your advertisement is important as it can make a real difference in whether someone does or does not apply. A boring ad with linear language may communicate all the key factors of the position but it is also imperative to make sure you give a good impression of your company and why it would be a good place to work. Most people want to enjoy their jobs as much as possible, so including humour and colloquialisms where possible when creating your online ad can help entice people in.

3. Demonstrating Potential for Growth
People starting a new job or career will want to know they have the potential to grow and evolve within a company. The US Navy advert available here does a great job in showing candidates’ limitless opportunities for growth. When looking for a job, candidates want to feel they can grow in their position. Transferring this idea online, you could use real life examples of people in your organisation that have progressed up the career ladder since they’ve been working with you in your advert. You could also give details on how employees can typically expect to progress. as a low cost recruitment agency has vast experience in creating that right job ad for your vacancy. Need to write something compelling that will attract the right candidates? Get in touch with us online.

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Image Source: Microsoft Job Ad from Smart Recruiters.