Retaining Your Top Performers

We came across an interesting article from recently, which looked at some methods of retaining the top talent, performers and workers in a company. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Not everybody was created equal and it’s only natural that your top performers and employees are going to know their value. Armed with this knowledge, they’ll constantly be on the lookout for bigger and better opportunities unless you can somehow staple them down. Here’s how –

Your best workers are almost universally going to be bright, active and curious – which can quickly turn into restlessness and frustration in a dull and straightforward role. Sate their natural activity with interesting projects – give the most riveting assignments to the restless.

Stroking the ego of those who deserve it isn’t always a bad thing – give them visibility and acknowledge their value. Hiding their achievements or taking credit for them yourself can be a one-way ticket to losing them.

Challenge your top performers, handing them important projects and responsibility for new ideas. Giving them commanding roles in teams will help to keep them feeling valued and it is likely to pay dividends for the company as they smash targets and bring new business in. Always reward them for what they do.

Top performers need to see the pathway to promotion. If they have nothing to aim for, they’re either going to stop performing or start looking elsewhere. Chart out a plan and set goals, schedule rewards and expose them to enough assignments to help stimulate their growth. have applicants from a huge national pool. Use our online recruitment service to attract your applicants and get them through the door today.