Summertime Sadness: Beating the Return to Work Blues

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Over half (57.1%) of workers reveal that they are more likely to consider a new job as the summer comes to an end according to Recruitment Buzz.

Summertime Sadness

The words of Lana Del Ray never did ring truer for some! The post-Summer blues can get even the most hard core workaholic feeling a little down. And as September proves a busy and fruitful month for recruiters who enjoy the return to a busy calendar after the quieter summer months, for those returning in other industries after a long summer break, adapting can be tough.

According to CV Library:
• 70.1% find it difficult to get back into a routine after the summer holiday, with many suggesting it takes a good couple of days to “get back into work” post-holiday
• 55.8% believe workplace morale lowers toward the end of summer
• 86.9% believe it is an employer’s responsibility to keep morale high
• 79.4% believe their employer does not make allowances for post summertime blues

Among the most difficult tasks around returning to work getting up early, getting back into routine, catching up on work, catching up on emails, staying motivated and dealing with workplace stress are the toughest.

Enjoying the Return to Work

If you’re worried about returning to work and wishing you could crawl back under that duvet, The Telegraph has the below advice:

• Match the difficult work you need to do with your bodies natural rhythm, so you’re more able to concentrate

• Be cut throat with your priorities – you can’t do everything on day one

• Clean out your inbox – this always feels good!

What We Think

There is one very clear solution to this that we can see, and we can sum it up with a quote:

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”, courtesy of Mark Twain!

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