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Shortage of Job Skills In The UK Needs To Be Taken Seriously

Reports in the UK show that there is a lack of skills in the general public, putting millions at risk for finding jobs. However not much is being done to remedy the problem.

In 2006, after a two year assessment of the skill base of UK residents, Lord Leitch stated that awareness of the problem needs to increase amongst both employers and individuals along with a new attitude toward learning and careers. Lord Leitch was commissioned by Gordon Brown’s Treasury department to conduct the study.

For job seekers, having the right skills is crucial in today’s tough job market. For employers, recruitment of high quality candidates is tougher than ever. There are millions of job seekers competing for a small amount of jobs, so employers can be fussy about whom they hire. Even so, 75 per cent of employers are having difficulty finding fully qualified candidates.

Regarding work readiness, Leitch stated that more than one third of adults in the UK today do not have an education equivalent to basic secondary school completion. He went on to cite nearly half of adults have trouble with basic math skills and around fourteen per cent are functionally illiterate.

Even with the efforts being made to increase awareness, very little improvement has been made date to. – Fixed fee recruitment