Should Job Pride Go Before the Fall?

Increasingly, more job seekers are getting frustrated with the entire interview process- if they get that far. Their main concerns are ridiculous salary offers, but more disturbing are the questions they encounter.

Single or marriage status, as well as the age and number of children seem to be high on their “angst” list, citing that any answer could be the “kiss of death” and a refusal to answer makes them seem belligerent.

Sarah Singleton, of London, is just one of many job collapse victims. “I was actually told that my two children were a negative, as I may be frequently called away from my job. They also chastised me for moving away, despite the glowing references my last employer bestowed upon me.”

“The very fact that I was from here should have been hint enough that I am familiar with their area. It seemed as if I was somehow “disloyal.” Another manager wanted a post-interview “career essay.”

Cynthia Evans, from Leeds was told she would not be happy with her salary. She just needed to pay her rent, not to be judged on what she would or could not live on.

Evans said, “It seems so futile. The employer would have gotten an eager employee who appreciated being able to eat for another week. The financial fallout is making a mockery of the job-search process. It allows employers free rein with our dignity.”

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