Site could be just the job

Two Sunninghill based former graduates have launched what they claim is the UK’s first, fully functional online recruitment agency. Jamie Mistlin 27, and Anna Taylor, 24 came up with the www.recruitmentrevolution.localhost website to abolish what they call “exorbitant” recruitment agency fees. Mr Mistlin said the idea launched at the beginning of this month and based in Silwood Road came from what he claimed was a poor experience of recruitment agencies. He said “The concept was born when I did some temping work while studying for my degree.

I was startled at the discrepancy between my hourly earning and what the agency was actually paying for my services. “It seems obvious to reduce the middle man fee, allowing the client to pay less, with the candidate also benefiting. Frustrated by the narrow minded approach of agencies. Anna and I felt that companies and clients needed a more transparent platform on which to communicate directly without a consultant.” As part of their research for the business model, the duo discovered that 95% of graduates resent the profits recruitment agencies make out of them and 90% felt agents do not act in the employees best interests. Mr Mistlin said that for an average graduate earning £18,000 an agency can receive £3,600 and while a temporary worker might be earning £8 an hour the client will be paying double that.

The recruitmentrevolution.localhost site allows companies to advertise their jobs ands search for candidates at no cost and students and graduates can register on the site for free. Testing and interviewing candidates can be undertaken before charging between £300 and a maximum of £1,000 for placing a permanent candidate, regardless of the stating salary.
A low flat hourly rate (around £2) applies for the supply of temporary workers and companies can book temps through a fully automated online system, Mr Mistlin added: “This is a very adventurous business model and we are competing with every single recruitment source in the market.”