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Six Signs You Impressed In Your Interview

Aegis Tech recently looked into some of the most common signs to give you an indication of how well you did in your interview. Some employers can be more difficult to read than others, but the six signs that were identified are some of the most frequently seen reactions giving you a fair chance of gauging your success pretty early on.

• Meeting others in the workplace
o If you’re introduced to the workforce and it doesn’t seem that anybody else has been, you can assume that you’ve impressed. If you had no chance of securing the role, the interviewer wouldn’t waste the workforce’s time meeting you.

• An extended interview
o If you’re told that the interview will last no longer than twenty minutes and you’re coming up towards the hour mark, you can be sure your chances are strong. The manager will not waste time on you if they aren’t interested in seeing more – it could be a sign that they are very close to hiring you.

• Asking when you can start
o Sometimes this can be a standard question, but it could potentially begin to get your hopes up – it’s not a question they’d need to ask if you were a definite ‘No’.

• A winning connection
o Signs of compatibility between yourself and the manager or the company are great.

• Specifics
o If the manager takes time to bring you in on every detail of daily working life, they’re probably vetting your compatibility with the company, having already decided you’re worth a chance.

• Clues form the recruitment team
o Recruiters will often know the process. If they call you to arrange a second interview, they can often tell if you’re going to get it. Some employers will only arrange second interviews for final checks after a decision has been made.

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