So why are you Losing your Job Candidates?

We came across an interesting article from Recruiter recently, which looks at the reasons why talented job candidates are being put off the recruitment process. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Many job candidates are less than impressed with the recruitment process and according to four separate studies,people can be left feeling unhappy after going through the recruitment process with certain firms and companies.

Talent Q found that 45% of college students said that they were ‘satisfied’ with their recruitment process but 11% claimed to have experienced negativity during the process, enough to put them off using that company’s services or products in the future.

At their survey also showed 47% said that they had been put off applying to a company due to the ‘frustrating’ recruitment process. In a separate question, 44% had been driven off applying due to the vague description of the job role and a third of the people surveyed had skipped an application because they struggled to find out any company information and wanted to know more about who they were applying to work for.

CareerBuilder’s Application Experience study showed that over half (56%) of employers had been rejected at the end of the recruitment process and this was mostly due to the negative recruitment experience during the application for the job.

The biggest bugbear for applicants is the lack of communication and being left wondering what is happening, which in a word is described as ‘silence’. They are given no feedback during the process, not contacted when they were told to expect to hear from someone from the organisation and simply ignored. This is an all too common experience for applicants but one that leaves a very sour taste.

The CareerBuilder survey showed that a massive 75% of applicants hadn’t heard anything about their application from the prospective employer. As the employer, poor communication can lead to brand reputation being damaged and driving away talented individuals who might want to apply because they have heard about the poor recruitment process. In the same survey, 22% of people said they would warn others of their experiences and try to put them off joining the company. A similar ADP study showed that 75% of people would warn others after a very negative application process and ultimately put people off their application.

Employers should think about the treatment of their applicants and how it might be affecting the talent pool they are attracting as their recruitment process and can prevent talented people from joining. offer a fixed-price, low cost recruitment service for small and large businesses.