Social Recruitment: Why Should Recruiters Do It?

Recruitment practices are constantly evolving with the newer trends throughout 2013 tending to relate to social media and mobile recruitment advances. Add to this the lightning pace with which the digital industry evolves and you’ve got at the very least, a quickly moving target to keep pace with!

Social Media and Mobile
For some years now, Social Media has been considered a powerful tool; from fashion to food, sport to SEO, retail to recruitment – most industries can benefit from people talking favourably online about their brand. In the past year or so, mobile has started to stamp its authority over cyber space too, with around 30% of all internet traffic now coming from a mobile device or tablet.

Using Social Media for Recruitment
Forward-thinking companies have been employing social recruitment practices for some time now, but if you can’t quite see the benefit of posting your jobs to Facebook yet here are some reasons to start considering it:

Facebook has over 1.1 billion members actively using the site each month. It recently rolled out a new feature called “Facebook Graph Search” which means that users can find brands and businesses by using hashtags as with Twitter; candidates can find jobs; recruitment agencies can find candidates; and employers can find recruitment agencies – all online and all for free: we now arguably have access to the biggest online community in the world
• Social media platforms display data and posts in real time. There’s no watching your email inbox for that initial introduction; you can advertise to your network instantly
• 10% of jobseekers use social media as their first port of call when prospecting for a new job. Candidates are likely to be online and using their network to look for vacancies so make sure you’re there when they do
• Social media has an impact on search results on Google, and 1 in 5 Google searches are related to employment
• Google is now personalising search results: if a user has previously interacted with your brand online via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, this will be registered and your business will be more likely to show up higher in their organic search results as a result

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