How To Recruit a Successful Candidate

Looking for candidates to fill vacant positions within your company is a long and arduous procedure, particularly when the entire process is completed in-house. Using a low cost recruitment agency to help you pool and narrow down candidates can be a big help in finding the selection of people who fit the criteria for the position, as can knowing what to look for in an interview.

As part of the recruitment process you will be chairing numerous interviews in order to determine each candidate’s character and personality, something which takes considerable time out of the typical working day. To reduce time spent on the recruitment process and in addition to using an agency, it can pay dividends to be aware of a few key things when hiring:

A resume that has perfect credentials is one thing, but the attitude and temperament of the potential employee is also very important. You need to know that this person can work well with others in your team and be motivated by the goals of the business. Interviews are really the only way to test a person’s potential and even though these interviews can be short, there is much to learn from them and it can be non-verbal just as much as verbal communication that really does the talking.

Body Language
During an interview, the candidate has prepared to demonstrate the best possible version of themselves so as to impress and capture the interviewer’s attention. Candidates should be bright and confident in their mannerisms, use eye contact, sit up straight and be well presented. If a person exudes confidence in their mannerisms and speech in spite of the fact that you may be meeting for the first time, it shows an ability to be open and friendly to anyone, ideal for sales or customer relations-related work.

An important part of the interview process is discussing a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. They need to be forthright and yet still present themselves in a positive light; complimentary about themselves without appearing arrogant; honest about areas they can improve without being too self-deprecating. A person’s ability to describe themselves well signifies their confidence in their abilities and also their level of self-awareness – another important trait in a potential employee. To quote an example from Danny Groner in The Undercover Recruiter: ‘Even if they are masters at their particular field, they should know how to keep any unflattering arrogance in check. They should be able to seamlessly join a team and find their place.’

Your Intuition
You know your company, and as such, you know the day-to-day team and the kind of person that will suit the set up you have. We all make snap judgements of people when we meet them, and with the background of a resume, you have already begun to build a picture of this person prior to interview. Upon meeting someone, you will be able to back up good credentials, hopefully, with a positive and amiable attitude. The trinity of successful recruitment consists of credentials, personality and potential and when the three align, it makes choosing that perfect person for the job so much easier, quicker and cheaper.