Summer Lovin’ – Making the Most of the Summer Jobs Season

Summer Scene
With the summer heatwave breaking records and British complaints of being too hot the moment temperatures exceed 20 degrees in abundance, it’s the perfect time to talk summer jobs on the blog!

The temporary jobs market booms at this time of year as students finish their study and put in some paid hours to earn income before their return to education in September. We’ve got data on what sectors and titles are most coveted by students this year in addition to some summer job horror stories courtesy of the Daily Mail.

What’s Hot This Summer?

A Forbes report based on jobs in the US revealed the sectors most desired by students looking to fatten their purse over the summer. These comprise positions within education and positions working with children. The top ten in the USA are as follows (with 1 being the most popular):

  1. Nanny/babysitter
  2. Camp counsellor
  3. Instructor
  4. Pool manager
  5. Teacher
  6. Lifeguard
  7. Summer camp director
  8. Program assistant
  9. Art teacher
  10. Child care assistant

Interestingly, Indeed reported that although summer job vacancies have increased this year, there has not been a coinciding increase in user searches for such positions. This indicates that the 2017 summertime jobs market could be leaning in the favour of the job seeker – matching our own observations of a job seeker’s market with regard to permanent positions.

Summer Job Horror

Circulation of the hashtag #MyWorstSummerJob yielded some comical reports worldwide from disgruntled temporary employees. A number of the best were collated by the Daily Mail and some of the more unsavoury (and our favourites!) included;

  • A Niagara falls worker who was asked at what time the people in charge turned the water off each night…
  • A job scooping all suspicious looking items out from a swimming pool
  • A job as a golf attendant who was charged with picking up golf balls by hand at the driving range… whilst golfers continued to put – directly at him!
  • A waiter who was told on shift that the chips he had served tasted too much like potatoes

We have no words! 

With summertime in full swing, avoid any risk of summertime sadness and secure your ideal temporary position today!