Still Making Headlines: Tech Shortages and The Gender Pay Gap

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The reports of talent shortages in tech are ongoing – and the gender bias debate is continuing too. Infact Advorto reported on information from Deloitte that at its current progress the gender pay gap won’t close until 2069.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook reported on what qualities tech giant Apple looks for in its new hires – the focus on tech in the workplace is intense, and there a number of ways of attracting female tech talent reported on by Advorto recently.

In this post we will look at ways to attract more tech talent, and more female tech talent too in the current market.

Data Digs

Social media platform Buffer discovered that by replacing the word “hacker” with “developer” in their job adverts they experienced an increase in female candidates applying for their vacancies.

By sifting through your data you may be able to make small changes that increase a) applications and b) female applicants to your company.

Flexible Working

An attractive prospect for both men and women – according to Indeed the jobs which attract the highest number of flexible workers are those requiring skills in short supply. The most searched for occupations in line with flexible working in the UK are healthcare, computer and sales positions.

Technical talent is hunting out flexible working opportunities and as we’ve said many times before, this can be an area to make your company more desirable to work for, increasing application numbers.

Consider Training Opportunities

Sky TV has launched a Get Into Tech initiative whereby it offers free tech training for up to 60 women per year. Internships can also be a great way to nurture talent and inspire loyalty. Data shows a number of graduate recruiters hired interns this past year, with a high percentage of these securing a job with the employer. Nurturing your own talent and offering attractive training packages can help attract tech talent, and female tech talent into your organisation.

What We Think

Closing the digital skills shortage gap needs to be a priority if the UK is to improve on its current 14th place ranking for digital adoption. There appears to be ripe opportunity for UK companies to get make progress both in attracting technical talent through flexible working opportunities and doing their part in closing the gender gap via clever training opportunities.

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