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RecruitingBlogs published a very insightful piece on using text messaging as part of the mobile recruitment funnel. Mobile recruitment is a huge topic now and mobile strategy an essential part of any online recruitment initiative. Read on for some useful ideas about what to say and when to say it should you decide to use text messaging as part of your recruitment strategy.

Platform Problems

Perhaps the first issue should be – which platform do you use?! Gone are the days of simply assuming you should text a candidate’s phone number… as you can now use Whatsapp, SnapChat, Facebook, Slack or any other of thousands of apps available to communicate. So should your business be something tech related, you might wish to pursue a different option such as Whatsapp to represent your brand from the outset.

Saying that though, unless your demographic is millenials, not everyone is likely to be using an app – it’s probably best to stick to the traditional form of text messaging for now, just to be safe!


More and more companies from the HMRC to banks to takeaway stores are starting to text their customers. So you’re not alone. Additionally, 60% of Internet traffic is from a mobile device. For this reason, an introductory text can be a useful idea for recruiters – and don’t forget to put a link in the message to your website as a candidate might click and then browse directly from the message.


The rapidity of text messaging can means it’s a great way to confirm interviews and far less cumbersome than other methods of communication. Should you wish to notify candidates that they’ve been requested for interview, something like the below will work:

Hi Sam, Congratulations! RecruitmentRevolution would love to see you for an interview at 1pm on Thursday 19th March. Please sign in at www.recruitmentrevolution.localhost to confirm.

Other Notifications

Other situations in which it might prove useful to text candidates could be to follow up on a position, get feedback of the mobile recruitment process, offer some sort of incentive or to entice candidates back to the website should they have not visited for a while. An example might be:

“Hi Sam, we’re offering free £10 Amazon vouchers for people who fill out this review of our text messaging service. Take the short survey and activate yours at www.recruitmentrevolution.com”

What We Think
The mobile revolution has been easy to spot at RecruitmentRevolution.com and we see first hand how many of our candidates search on mobile devices. We are a fully mobile-optimised agency and believe strategies involving mobile such as the above are not just the future, they’re the present. We use text messages to update candidates at every step of the process to keep them in the loop.

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