The Benefits of Hiring a Mum

We came across an interesting article from The Huffington Post recently, which looked at the many benefits of hiring a mum to join your workforce. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Job posting boards are listing more and more full-time opportunities but the number of part-time or flexi-time listings is on the decline. For mums and mums-to-be, this is a problem and many in the industry believe that the corporate world is missing out on a key demographic. The stigma against hiring mums is a long-standing one and is quickly being dispelled.

Intelligence and Ambition

Modern mums of Generation X and Millennial standing are highly educated, with many of those staying at home having already achieved success before the birth of their children. A lot of mums still hold the skills and drive that won them jobs before pregnancy, meaning that employers have a ready access to the flexible working hours of executive expertise.


Mums are fully aware that part-time roles are in short supply and high demand, meaning that once they’ve secured one they’re not going to let it go. That dedication in the workplace is hard to come by and the longevity of dedicated mums is an invaluable resource to any business.


By their very nature, mums have organised characters. Tending to the demanding schedule of children and home life, most mums have become experts at managing their own time and staying calm when things look certain to go pear shaped. Creative planning, imagination and force-of-will help mums to identify the logistics required of a task and execute it, time and time again.


Another characteristic that comes naturally to the modern mum is teamwork. Pairing with fellow parents and helping out at school activities, mums have become efficient and expert team players. Co-operation through careful assessment of the skills on offer means that mums can fulfil the executive management roles without demanding the sky high prices. is a London based online recruitment agency, facilitating hundreds of hires each year.