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The Best & Worst Jobs in the UK

We came across an interesting article from Recruitment Buzz recently, which looked at recent research compiling the best and worst jobs of 2013 in the UK. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

A study conducted by Adzuna in September 2013, analysed more than 2,000 job titles to unearth some interesting results about the UK job market. Detailing the best, worst, most stressful and most promising jobs, Adzuna gives us all an insight into potential moves for 2014 and onwards.

The Worst
The study has shown that high-pressure deadlines and low income make Miners and Couriers some of the most unlucky workers in the UK. The long hours are the icing on the cake when it comes to the list of negative factors – with Sous Chefs, Electricians and HGV Drivers also ranking poorly.

The Best
Largely thanks to high job security and average salaries, Translators, Web Developers and Surgeons were amongst the best roles of 2013. Growth potential of up to 8 times the starting salary also keeps a firm interest. A lack of competition, working environments and rising wages put Web Developers as one of the most stress free jobs in the UK.

Most Stressful
Some of the most stressful roles in the UK this past year have come from the Piloting and Oil industry – with Oil Riggers citing significant emotional and physical stress. Journalists also work in very high pressure environments amongst a deadline culture. Librarians were ranked as one of the least stressful positions.

Outlook & Promise
The best outlook for the years to come fall in the lap of the IT & Engineering sectors – with wage growth of 3.2% since Jan 13. Advertised jobs increased by 23% – whilst cuts at large firms have made Travel Agents, postmen and Factory Workers more redundant in the market.’s online fixed fee recruitment process makes finding the perfect candidate fast, simple and inexpensive.