The Employer’s Christmas Party: did you enjoy it?

Every year most employers feel it is necessary to spend money on a Christmas party for their employees, but do we really need to go through the motions? The average cost of a Christmas Party for a smaller company (around 15 members of staff) is about £35 per person, and some of those will bring along their partners. This is a considerable cost when most companies are feeling the current squeeze of the economic crisis.

Most people find their ‘office party’ either stressful, boring or would rather be with their friends or family, according to a survey taken very recently; it also indicated that most people would rather have the money as a bonus than a Christmas party. Is this just a result of flagging Christmas spirit during the economic crisis? Would improving the office party or Christmas party help encourage team work, communication and efficiency? According to a small business recruitment service agency, leading studies have found within smaller work settings that team bonding through socialising increases productivity and helps a company to improve morale. At this time of year people undoubtedly need that extra bit of Christmas bonus but a company that invests in the enjoyment of their staff gets it back in loyalty and increased productivity.