The Salary Question in Job Interviews

We came across an interesting article from the LinkedIn Blog recently, which looked at how to bring up the salary issue during a job interview. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

Searching for a job is an emotionally and physically exhausting process. With so much on the line, it’s understandable that the job seeker is careful about saying anything too forward or pushy. Taking the risk of being too demanding might lower chances of success, but job-seekers rarely realise that this is true on both sides of the desk. Employers and recruiters will value and respect candidates who stand up for themselves – these are just the kind of people they want driving their sales and representing their brand.

Bringing up the salary question during a job interview can be uncomfortable for most of us, but waiting for the employer to give you a number after they offer you the job puts you in a very bad negotiating position. The salary you expect should be on the table early – you’ve researched and come up with a reasonable and realistic number and you want them to know what it is.

However, there’s an unwritten rule that you should wait for the second interview. Wait for the employer to show their interest in you before you declare your hand. You’re likely to be asked what you were/are earning previously, to which you should reply with the range that you’re expecting to earn now. You’ll then only be asked back for the second interview if you and the employer are both in the same ball park.

Go into job seeking with your head held high and your confidence obvious – know your value and make sure that your interviewers know your value too. If you approach the job search as an exercise in pleasing other people, you’ll find the salary negotiations completely one-sided. is a market-leader in sourcing great quality, low cost candidates to fill the gap in your company’s skillset.