The Three Wise Tips of Recruiting: Trends Expected to Take Off in 2015


Keeping up to date with changing trends in the recruitment industry will ensure a running start to the new year and, with Christmas and 2015 just around the corner, we have got our own take on these Three Wise Tips for recruiting strategies taken from the innovative experts at Web Based Recruiting.

Mobile Recruitment
Over the past year, mobile recruiting has taken off in a big way. Due to the influx of smartphones and the ever-improving simplicity of applying for jobs from a phone and on the move, mobile recruiting is a must-have for businesses looking to attract top talent.

The contemporary candidate will expect a dedicated section for applications via mobile and companies who do not adhere to this latest trend run the risk of damaging their reputation by not presenting a tech-savvy brand. A surprising number of businesses still do not have a mobile application process, which in extreme cases can lead to talented candidates looking elsewhere in order to fulfil their employment aspirations.

Social Media Recruitment
We have spoken considerably about the benefits of social media recruitment for accessing top candidates whether it be during work hours or personal time. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, particularly the latter, have taken off in terms of the ability to reach the maximum number of candidates in a meaningful way.

There are various features to be utilised not just to promote the business as a fun and exciting place to work but, by using tricks like paid advertising or targeted posts, companies are able to ensure the advertisement is seen by ideal candidates from the correct demographic. YouTube is also expected to throw its name in the hat as another source for advertising jobs – at the beginning of videos that would be watched by the perfect applicant.

Online Video Recruitment
Another relatively new trend which has not reached the mainstream quite yet is online video job advertisements. With a small number of companies utilising this medium, it could give your business a competitive edge in the New Year. Essentially, online video recruitment is the creation of a video that encompasses all aspects of the position as well as the ethos of the business.

Whereas it can be easy to spend thousands of pounds on professional corporate videos with effects and music, creating a simple and to-the-point video gives candidates the information they need. The important aspect to consider is why you need the video and how to create something that will appeal to the demographic of candidates you are trying to reach.

2015 is expected to be a huge year for recruitment, with some exciting new trends that are sure to become mainstream mediums in the future. We shall see how these Three Wise Tips will grow and develop next year and how well they can reach the best candidates.