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Top Tens for 2016

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Welcome to 2016! We’re looking forward to another record year at and hope you are too. To start the year off right we’ve got some top tens to look at and something exciting coming next week where you can test your recruitment knowledge ahead of the coming year!

Top Ten Best Paid Jobs

Although 2015 showed us that many – particularly the millenial generation – aren’t motivated by compensation, it still plays a considerable part, and at the top end of the pay scale, the numbers are growing considerably.

Here are the top ten best paid jobs of 2015, going from 10 to 1, as taken from

Information Technology and Communications Director £70,971
Air Traffic Controller £77,220
Legal Professionals £80,578
Medical Practitioners £80,628
Financial Institution Managers and Directors £80,755
Financial Managers and Directors £80,755
Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers £87,474
Marketing and Sales Directors £89,933
Chief Executives and Senior Officials £122,967
Brokers £128,231

Top Ten Wacky Jobs

These are just brilliant! New positions are being created all the time as technology and changing needs dictate the jobs available around the world. With this in mind, here are the top ten wacky jobs of 2015 taken from This is Money:

1. Placenta Chef (true story!)
2. Astronauts for future space missions to Mars
3. Chick Sexers (determines whether a chick is male or female to they can be reared appropriately)
4. Beer Smeller
5. Animal Therapy Handler (takes pets to residential homes as therapy for those that live there)
6. Train Pusher (trains get too crowded in Japan, professional train pushers are required to help squeeze people on)
7. Master Lego Builder
8. Video Game Tester
9. Dog Poo Picker-Upper
10. Manager of Chelsea FC!

Top Ten Popular Professions of 2015

Last but not least, we have the most sought after professions of 2015 in the UK, US and Canada. These are particullarly interesting for employers as they show the areas in which businesses are requiring talent which mainly include in the IT, medical and data-related industries. Read them below:

1. Network Systems Analyst: These professionals solve problems relating to IT
2. Physician’s Assistant: Healthcare is always a popular career choice for many
3. Medical Assistant: Clerical work for medical professionals
4. Medical Records Technicians: As emphasis on organisational management increases, these professionals are required to analyse records appropriately in order to evaluate organisational progress
5. Software Engineers: Design and develop computer programs
6. Physical Therapist Aides: Help those with physical difficulties
7. Fitness Trainers: With the current fitness boom, this is no surprise!
8. Database Administrators: With our reliance on data increasing, this profession is becoming ever more popular for those good at crunching numbers
9. Veterinary Technicians: Leading veterinary care for our beloved pets
10. Dental Hygienists: This career is becoming more popular which is just as well as the health of our teeth is reported to be declining!

We hope this has given you plenty of ideas of what professionals are out there, how much they ask for in remuneration and which industries are growing in the world of work and online recruitment. If you’re looking to grow your organisation this year, trust to source the best asset you can get – your people!