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UK Firms to hire thousands of Romanians as meanwhile UK Jobless Soars

As unemployment hits a 17-year high, the demands for skilled immigrant labour increases. Employers in the UK have recently posted over 2400 jobs on Romanian recruitment boards in attempt to fill jobs for roles such as nurses, and engineers. But not all roles are reliant on highly skilled workers. Well-paying jobs that require less skill, such as a taxi cab driver, have been listed to perspective immigrant populations as well.

This has not settled well with the people who are amongst the British population. For every four immigrants who have entered the UK, one person has lost their job to immigrant labour.

Not all studies are saying that immigration has an effect on labour, however. A study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research has stated that the higher unemployment rates are not necessarily in response to the number of immigrants who have come to the UK.

Many employers are to agree with this study, citing that a large cause of unemployment is not the immigrants, but the lack of work ethic that is prevalent amongst the British people, especially among the younger workers. Employers are searching for and hiring employees who they feel have strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Qualities that are largely seen amongst the immigrant population. – an online recruitment agency based in the UK