How UK Workers Look to Impress Their New Bosses

Clock and Coffee

A study from CV Library has uncovered a finding; that around 70% of us are looking to impress our new boss, not just for the initial period when we are starting in a new position, but for the entire time we are working at that company. Today we look at how this enthusiasm tends to last in reality as well as how we might go about it!

First Impressions Count

First impressions are still a first rate priority, and while 70% of us are looking to impress for the long haul, around 21% of us are only looking to keep up appearances for a year with some of us managing it for just one week!

How To Impress

HR Grapevine cited the 5 ways in which we are most likely to try and gain favour with our new boss. These are:
  1. By effectively managing our workload
  2. By putting forward new ideas
  3. By taking on additional responsibilities outside of our remit
  4. By helping other members of our team
  5. By always being on time

The Downside To The Best Intentions

When we read this we were delighted to learn that so many of us are looking to impress. We love the fact that we take pride in our work as a nation and are looking to charm our bosses and get ahead in our careers.


However there is a downside. The issue of workplace stress is a significant one with half of workers in a recent survey reporting it to be a very real issue for them at work. There appear to be geographical and income factors that influence stress too – with a sweet spot interestingly enough appearing around the £20,000 – £40,000 range.

So when it comes to impressing the boss, doing so may well be setting us up for a fall. Through clocking some serious overtime and holding ourselves to standards too high to maintain long term we risk burnout, presenteeism, workplace stress and illness.


We love the fact that Brits are looking to impress their bosses – but employees should have a little more faith that their “normal” selves are “boss” enough to keep their new bosses delighted with their performance!