Online Recruitment Agencies Decrease Employee Turnover Costs


As an online recruitment agency, of course we’re going to be in favour of them and say that they reduce hiring costs! But we’re not the only ones…our clients are pretty happy, and the stats show the same.

Online Recruitment Agencies
A recent infographic from Undercover Recruiter showed that traditional recruitment methods such as newspaper advertisements are now barely used by companies used to fill job vacancies; it seems that instead, companies are turning to outsourcing the hiring process. In fact, the summary says that more than 70% of organisations now engage external agencies to fulfil their recruitment needs.

Another finding to come out was that most companies use between 1 and 3 recruitment agencies when filling a position – social media was also mentioned in the report. Read the findings here.

From the above we can conclude that more companies than ever now use recruitment agencies. An added benefit to bringing this online and using online recruitment agencies is the fact that online is precisely where job seekers look first to find a job – its also a lower cost way of meeting your recruitment needs, decreasing those all important employee turnover costs – particularly when you only get charged on hire as with… 😉

Before Hiring
Adding to this idea of saving money, had some great ideas on the recruitment process and decreasing the cost of employee turnover:

– Hire tough: setting your standards high from the beginning can reduce the possibility of making a bad hire
– Pay what the job is worth: An employee on a salary deserved of their role and in the knowledge that their role is imperative to the successful running of the company is likely to put more into the job and produce better results for the business

After Hiring
When a new employee starts, it can be a tense waiting game to see if they take to the role and fit in, to reduce the chance of your new hire not working out and costing more money re-hiring:

– Offer recognition where it’s due: when it comes to job satisfaction employees value appreciation higher than money
– The list also says to make work fun: not all jobs can be fun all the time, but creating camaraderie amongst team members and having friendly banter around the office can make the workplace a much more pleasant environment to be in

Online recruitment agencies cut the costs of traditional recruitment methods and bring you closer to the job seekers.  Having a clear cut, concise idea of the hire you want and sticking to it cuts the cost of rehiring and making the workplace a pleasant place to be and offering recognition to employees increases the chance that they’ll stay on – voila! Recruitment costs are decreased.

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