From Corporate Office Space to Home from Home: Blurring the Divide for the Sake of Wellbeing


Work should be fun, and it should be enjoyed. However the stereotype of “work” has become marred over the years as images of sterile working environments, no noise and strict deadlines are imposed on staff and portrayed through social media, movies and the like.

We love what we do, and we want our valued team to do the same. Thus, we admire the recent changes made by major companies looking to make their best asset – their employees – happier at work.

Aetna Lead the Way

Aetna have previously made headlines for offering an on-site Doctor for their employees. Not only do individuals not need to take annual leave in order to attend a Doctor’s appointment, they can be seen and treated quickly, keeping them healthy, motivated, and in work.

They’ve now added to their well-being arsenal with financial benefits offered to employees who show they can get an adequate amount of sleep in order to function optimally!

The company’s Chairman and CEO says:

“If they can prove they get 20 nights of sleep for seven hours or more in a row, we will give them $25 a night, up $500 a year,”

Ball Pool Fun

A sweet factory has also installed a giant adult ball pit like the ones we enjoyed as children into their offices. Bosses at the company cited research indicating the benefits of playful activities in reducing anxiety and increasing creativity as the reason for the initiative.

Their Managing Director says:

“We know how important it is for people to take time out and unwind in today’s hectic society. We wanted to create some childlike fun for our employees.”

The Ultimate Playground

Finally, what perhaps may be the best office in Britain even puts Google’s reputation as the number one work environment in jeapordy. Check this out…

IT Company, Cogeco Peer 1 has… (wait for it): a helter-skelter slide, tree house, pub, pool table, putting green, giant swing, cinema, an area where putting your feet up is compulsory, picnic benches, coffee bar, chill out space, log cabins, flats to cater to overseas guests, an outdoor terrace, inside garden and a 15ft tree.