What You Should Consider Before Making a Career Change?

James Caan offers some advice and insight on his linked in page for people who are seriously considering a career change and below are the main areas he discusses in his article.

The invention of social media and the internet has made looking for a new job much easier and as the UK moves forward out of the recession, opportunities are sure to increase. However, moving to a new job can be a bigger decision than you first think. Work is an enormous part of our lives not just in terms of the time we spend there and the relationships we build, but also the way in which we feel about ourselves as people.

Sometimes individuals decide to change their jobs on impulse without giving it the appropriate level of consideration, while others are happy to continue in a job role that clearly give them no sense of progression when they should be looking for more options.

Consider these four factors before applying for a new job:

Is a new job the best option?

Sometimes people will apply for a new job without thinking about how they truly feel about their current job. People may be in a rut within their current role or simply getting frustrated by aspects of their job and apply for other positions as a result of these feelings. Before you act and apply for a different position you should take a step back and properly evaluate the role you are in and think about the company you work for as well as any possible opportunities they may have for you. Are there courses you can take to improve your situation from within the company? Is there the opportunity for you to expand you role and increase your responsibilities within this company? If you feel that this chance is not given to you in the current situation then looking elsewhere could be the right thing.

Are you planning for the future?

Not everybody has the same drive and level of ambition, not everyone wants to take on more responsibility and stress however, having some kind of career goal or long term plan about getting to the next level of your career is something everyone should have. Your job role should keep you comfortably within a tolerance of being challenged and not feeling bored whilst also feeling capable, excited and unburdened by your role. If your company does not allow progression, training or improvement, then consider your options and look for a company who can offer you what you are looking for.

Are you valued in the workplace?

Working for a boss who does not appreciate and value staff can lead to feelings of not being appreciated, but you must also feel that your efforts are an important part of the business or company and that your superiors recognise this. If you know that this is not happening then looking for a company with a better appreciation of staff would be beneficial to your career esteem.

Review & Feedback

Managers should speak formally with their staff at least once every 6-12 months to ensure clear communication and understanding between staff and management. These meetings are your chance to have an input into the firm as well as looking at your own performance. This is the perfect opportunity for you to outline any ambitions you have within the company and to find out how the boss feels about you and where they see your career progressing. This can also change how you see your role and feel about your job especially if you know of a promotion opportunity of upcoming training you have been earmarked for.

Taking the time to think about your career the way you should think about an investment, with diligence and careful analysis is going to mean you make steady beneficial career decisions. When these questions have been answered properly, a clear way forward should be found for most people who might be uncertain about their future career.

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