Why is December a Prime Time to Search for a Job?

One may feel that December is a time when ‘no one is hiring’ however, this couldn’t be further from the truth as many companies seem to find budget that they must spend before the end of the year, which can lead to job opportunities. It is also a misconception of many job hunters that everything is winding down towards the holidays when in fact this is a mistake. Use these six steps to help job search success in December.

1) Avoid the temptation to stop checking your emails and contacting companies you are interested in working for. During December employers may look over their budget and find they have additional funds to spend on staff. Be vigilant so that you avoid missing out on these opportunities.

2) The competition is less fierce during this month, as other job hunters ease off and begin to relax their job search with so much distracting them. However, if you maintain your searches and apply for jobs when others aren’t, you stand a better chance of being successful and getting in ahead of a better qualified candidate. January by contrast is traditionally very busy as people want to find a new job in the New Year.

3) Due to the holiday bonus culture some people tend to wait for this before announcing their unhappiness within a job role, leading to employees walking out in the New Year and a company having an unexpected vacancy. Make yourself available in December and opportunities could be presented to you when they arise in January.

4) For various industries the holiday season can be busier than usual, which can yield temporary positions and this is an ideal opportunity for you to showcase your talents and gain some valuable experience. This can sometimes lead to a more permanent position.

5) Make yourself available to start straight away and respond immediately to emails and calls; by being a willing and ready candidate you will be more successful than one who delays. December is a month when being prompt really does pay off.

6) Networking during the holiday season can be a great way to find available opportunities; you may even have contacts that you will bump into at parties or lunches. By mentioning your availability, this can put you at the forefront of their mind if and when a vacancy arises.

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