Why The Quitters Quit: Top Reasons Why People Leave Their Jobs


As an employer you’re likely aware of why people want to work for your company. But are you also aware of the reasons why they quit? A recent survey by BambooHR tells us what it is exactly that makes people want to abandon ship…

Getting Ahead

A prominent reason employees quit their jobs is down to a lack of prospects in terms of promotions and advancements. To this end, a lack of trust between workers and management has been cited as one of the main reasons why staff feel they are not promoted fairly or regularly enough.

Seventy eight percent of workers questioned also believed co-workers were promoted much sooner and more frequently and 82% believed management were less aware of the finer details of the industry than the employees were themselves – a further 82% cited a lack of recognition as another reason they wanted to quit.

Finding Balance
Employees are also tempted to throw in the towel when they believe the balance between their work life and personal lives has become too hard to maintain. Unfair expectations regarding working hours and workload can create low morale among team members, with 18% of men and 29% of women saying working during off-hours is their biggest incentive to leave.

Moreover, the idea of a non-flexible working environment turns a lot of people off, particularly with the rules about flexible working changing recently. Many are deciding that if their company cannot offer them the flexibility they desire, another will.

Money Matters

Obviously, one of the main objectives of many workers is to get paid. Enjoying the job you do is one thing, but not being paid fairly for it can create contempt and often laziness. Fifty two percent of 18-29 year olds find it most annoying when they receive a lower than expected salary. As we get older though, we apparently become more satisfied with the money we earn as just 31% of those over 60 are unhappy with their wage, which perhaps speaks of an economical desire to stay in work for as long as possible.
A worker will not stay in a job where there is little to no progression, a lack of connection with co-workers or management, or a salary which does not fairly reflect the job they perform. Hiring new employees can be time-consuming and expensive, unless you use a (low cost online recruitment agency such as RecruitmentRevolution.com of course!).

You’ve worked hard for your team – so make sure you keep them!

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