Would you Rather Work for LinkedIn or Twitter in 10 Years’ Time?

We came across an interesting article on LinkedIn by J.T. O’Donnell, which looked at the two social giants and asks which would be best to work at in a decade time. Below, we have summarised accordingly.

The Glassdoors’ ‘Best Places to Work’ for 2013 was released in December and in second place was Twitter, with LinkedIn third. These companies have a lot in common as they both seek to enhance the way in which people communicate using technology; but do they both have a long-term strategy to keep the talented employees that have made their business successful?

J.T.O’Donnell, founder of Careerealism.com, predicts that one of these companies will falter and give their competitor the edge. She believes that cultural changes as the management develops in time will impact the success of the company. Retaining and attracting the very best staff is what keeps a company at the technological cutting edge and this is based on the reputation of management and their cultures and attitudes.

This is an organic thing and the nature of a company’s culture can change drastically over time as they expand and recruit new staff, new departments and new technology. These types of expansion and change will inevitably mean a shift in the management style and structure impacting the culture within the business.

This has been seen before with previously highly successful companies such as Yahoo who to begin with had a great reputation as an innovative and vibrant place to work but with the culture shift they began to struggle to implement their turnaround strategy due to corporate cultural issues.

The key question here is based upon their reputations: which company would you like to work for in ten years’ time? Please let us know what you think.

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