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You Never Know: High Numbers of Workers Apply for Jobs Underqualified

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CV Library is excellent at delivering up to date research and insights on the UK job market. One of its most recent releases was very interesting and shared data on the high numbers of candidates applying to roles for which they were not qualified. We discuss the main findings below.

The Stats

One thousand participants between the ages of 18 and 64 were surveyed and the data revealed that sixty percent of workers have applied for jobs that they didn’t have the appropriate qualifications for. Of the submitted applications over two thirds didn’t secure the job. There seemed to be a higher proportion of millennials applying for jobs they weren’t appropriately qualified for too, with 77% of this group claiming they had done so. Most likely to be rejected if their skill-set didn’t meet the bill were older workers aged 55 – 64. 

Additionally and on a more positive note 85% of respondents indicated that they would invest in additional training to meet the requirements of jobs.

Skills Still Matter

It seems that although soft skills and other attributes have been emphasised in previous years (particularly in relation to graduates), qualifications still play a big part.

The Managing Director of CV Library, Lee Biggins responded:

“It’s clear from our findings that experience can only take candidates so far in their job hunt. Developing your skill-sets in order to further yourself in your career is now more important than ever before and it’s important that any individual looking for work in 2017 considers ways in which they can boost their CV and ultimately, their chances of getting themselves the job.

Although we love the optimism of UK work forces, job applications can be take a lot of time and effort to complete well and it may be prove more beneficial to opt for quality as supposed to quantity when it comes to your job search.