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Thanks for stopping by. You’re reading this page as you’ve probably been searching for a cost-effective Flat Fee Recruitment solution. You begrudge high agency fees and you don’t have the time or budget to hit lots of channels directly. You’ve been tempted by all the “Flat Fee Recruitment“ & “Fixed Fee Recruitment” adverts in Google offering to fill your role for £199, £299, £399… So we’ll get straight to the point.

These solutions are not “True” Flat Fee. They simply serve to distribute your role online for usually 2-4 weeks. This is an open-ended cost with ZERO guarantees of success that also requires you to do a lot of the heavy lifting, from filtering CVs to interview scheduling.

Recruiting the right candidate can take time, and the process can be filled with uncertainty and disappointment if your shortlist and ultimately chosen candidate withdraws or is snapped up by someone else.

All this results in ongoing expenditure and lots of wasted time. Suddenly that cheap low cost recruitment option isn’t so cheap when you factor in the advertising cost plus your time.

We offer an alternative to risky and time consuming Flat Fee Recruitment advertising. We refer to Flat Fee Recruitment as a “blank cheque” approach to recruiting given the risk and uncertainty if your recruitment spend doesn’t yield a hire. And consider the hidden time costs as you’ll have to do all the leg work – screening CVs, managing candidates and organising interviews. Ouch.

RR is best bits of the recruitment agency model, just without the pushy sales and high fees. So if your aim is to fill your role for a low cost rather than simply advertise it, let’s talk!

8 Reasons how the RR model delivers a better experience and ROI over Flat Fee Recruitment services:

  • We don’t do upfront fees (we’re here to fill your role, not sell you adverts)

  • We provide a service-driven approach to managing the entire recruitment process including: candidate management, interview scheduling and candidate feedback (flat fee services simply send you CVs)

  • We seek out candidates (not all candidates are actively looking for roles)

  • We deliver a personal service offering best practice, salary benchmarking and advice on compliancy aligned with REC standards (you don’t get this with a service that merely advertises your job)

  • We review every candidate to assess their suitability (there’s no automated computer screening here)

  • We deliver a first class candidate experience like any good agency should (flat fee applicants will often be oblivious to your identity and unprepared when you call. We’ve been told this is pretty awkward )

  • Our service runs until your job has been filled (flat fee companies simply sell you 7-28 day adverts)

  • If your chosen candidate accepts your offer and then backs-out, or commences employment and walks-out, we’ll help you to rehire at no additional cost (you’ll have to re-advertise with Flat Fee Recruiters, and yes, that means having to pay again).

Let’s talk about sensibly reducing your cost per hire, call us on 0800 294 3113.

Read our article on Onrec about Flat Fee Recruitment – The rise of the Pirates and Deceivers

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