Hire Replacement Service

We’ve got your back and will protect you with our unique Hire Replacement Service™ Guarantee if your chosen candidate backs-out or walks-out.

After weeks of reading CVs, shortlisting and interviewing you have finally offered the role, hooray, time to celebrate. But sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan.

So what do you do if your chosen candidate changes their mind or they decide to leave not long after joining the company? If you’ve used a job advertising service or gone down the DIY route, you’re back at square one, but with our service, you’re completely covered and at no further cost.

We know that choosing the right candidate is a serious task and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get it right. In the unfortunate event that your chosen candidate backs-out (Flexi-Hire only) or walks-out within the first 30 days (Hire+) or 60 days (Flexi-Hire), we’ll swing our Hire Replacement Service into action and get straight back to work delivering our full recruitment service again at no further cost.

Our Hire Replacement Service applies to full fee clients and does not apply to temporary or contract appointments.

*To qualify for our Hire Replacement Service all invoices must be settled within our 14 day terms. Terms Apply.